A talented pianist and composer, DJ Brady is quickly rising as one of Hollywood’s newest musical voices. He received his Bachelor of Music degree with a double-major in Music Composition and Piano Performance/Pedagogy from SUNY Fredonia and earned a Graduate Certificate from the prestigious film scoring program at USC’s Thornton School of Music. During his time at USC, he worked closely with many of the industry leaders in all aspects of the film scoring process.

Blending the orchestra with fresh sonic elements while placing an emphasis on memorable melodic themes is his hallmark. His comprehensive education in musical repertoire—film and otherwise—ensures his compositions have a depth and originality lacking in much of today’s commercial music. DJ strives to create custom-tailored aural palettes, providing each project with its own signature sound.

With extensive training and practical experience, DJ is the smart choice for any client’s musical needs. He has an unflagging commitment  to delivering a unique, on-point creative vision to his clients until each collaborator is wholly satisfied with the finished product.

Apart from his musicianship, DJ is also a pleasure to work with. His flexibility as a composer and ability to deliver the final product on time and on budget set him apart from many others in his field. His attention to detail is apparent at every stage of production.

DJ is a contributor of music for the Emmy-winning series, The Amazing Race. His music can also be heard in recent television films including A Christmas in Vermont, Girlfriend Killer, Stage Fright, Boyfriend Killer, and Christmas Land, among others.  In addition, DJ has composed custom music for cable television, independent film, live theater, and web series. He has aided in music preparation for major film and video game titles including Identity Thief, Escape From Planet Earth, Hop, Cats & Dogs 2, Miracle at St. Anna, Red Alert, James Bond: Quantum of Solace, and The Sims.


“DJ is a pleasure to work with and his music took our series from humorous to hilarious!”

Paul Todd, producer


“Mr. Brady is a musical composer par excellence. Professionally, DJ has worked on “The Amazing Race,” composed the score for my film “Can I Get A Witness Protection?” and we’re currently collaborating on an original musical. What I have found about DJ is that he is the perfect combination of creativity and cooperation. Some people insist on everything going their way. DJ always strives to work things out and find the better solution. He’s also extremely patient. I love music, but I know nothing about theory or how to speak in that language. DJ has the ability to take my ramblings and translate them into something coherent. I love that about him. He’s also not crazy. And if you know many musicians, you know that’s saying a lot. If you have a film or web series or video game that needs scoring I can think of no one who would receive a higher recommendation from me.”

Robert G. Lee, director


“Working with DJ was the most enjoyable experience our company has had with any composer. He was so efficient asking the right questions to get the feel, mood, and energy we wanted, even though we started with no idea what that might be! DJ came back to us with several options that were all incredible. He’s amazing and absolutely our go-to composer!”

Ryan & Jayne Elliott, founders


“Not only does Brady write beautiful music, but he has that rare and exquisite ability to collaborate with fellow artists long after their own contributions were made. Brady never threatens to undermine or simply to underline the work of the actors, editors, writers and directors. Instead, he fulfills it.”

Matthew B. Wolff, director


“DJ Brady is my go-to composer. He can take lifeless footage and infuse it with the vitality and creativity it desperately needs. He elevates everything—the story, the performances, the cinematography—with his music. I recommend him to project producers big and small!”

Josh Burk, Producer, Delph Town Productions


“DJ created a very cinematic feel which worked perfectly for my film. Very impressive.”

Alden Olmsted, director


“Comedic and clever, dramatic and suspenseful, or action-packed…Brady is able to emotionally mirror any scene. His music carries the listener into the film with great ease. He can do it all!”

Jamie Leigh Sampson, composer


“We interviewed a handful of composers for our graduate animation film, and DJ made a stellar first impression. He was enthusiastic about our project…and as a collaborator, DJ’s creative vision and his willingness to take risks helped shape the direction of our experimental project. His unique score articulates the animation beautifully, and without fail, people praise his music. Not only is DJ a talented composer, he’s a nice person, and I definitely want to work with him again.”

Deborah Allison, animator